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Our People

Our People

Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited

Wayne Carson

President, Kilmer Infrastructure Developments Inc.

David Harper

President, Kilmer Brownfield Management Limited

Prasad Chandra

President, Kilmer Capital Partners Limited

Todd Parsons

CEO, Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited

Steven Bloom

Executive V.P., Finance and Operations

Andrew Nairne

Senior V.P., Accounting & Administration

Craig Manuel

Vice President and General Counsel

Michael Calpin

Vice President, Investee Finance & Accounting

Courtney Glen

Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Yash Dave

Vice-President, Accounting and Analysis

Steve Greene

Vice President, Properties

Evan Hart

Director, Tax and Financial Planning

Hilde Van Veen

Director, Organizational Development and HR Special Initiatives

Shoshana Boswell

Director, Human Resources

Chris Smith

Director, Information Technology