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Our People

David Harper

President, Kilmer Brownfield Management Limited

David Harper

David Harper is responsible for environmental risk management within the team.

David Harper is the President of the Kilmer Brownfield Management Limited (Kilmer Brownfield), investment capital and expertise that is dedicated to the re-development of former industrial and commercial properties in Canada. The focus of the investment strategy is urban re-development projects that are a planning priority for many communities who want to take advantage of existing municipal infrastructure and transit networks. Urban intensification is a fundamental principle of the smart growth strategy for Ontario. However, many such properties have significant environmental and zoning complexities that need to be addressed before these investments can be realized. It is commonly known that environmental remediation of former industrial sites can cause lengthy delays in securing building approvals and construction financing. Kilmer Brownfield is an industry leading investment group that has completed many complex Brownfield developments and has a proven track record since 2006.

David is a highly-regarded expert in the brownfield and development industry and through his leadership in the Canadian Brownfield Network (CBN) he has provided strategic advice on various topics that have encouraged policy and regulatory reforms for brownfield redevelopment in Canada. He has collaborated with many stakeholders on various environmental matters regarding best practice and policy. He brings outstanding scientific credentials and career experience to manage risk and maximize value from brownfield redevelopment projects. David is an expert in applied environmental due diligence and in developing integrated environmental site strategies for major brownfield projects.