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Jaeson Rosenfeld

Executive Vice President, Football

Jaeson Rosenfeld

Jaeson Rosenfeld serves as Executive Vice President, Football for Kilmer Sports Ventures (KSV).

Prior to co-founding RFG, Jaeson Rosenfeld held a long-standing strategic role on the Executive Team at Arsenal FC between 2012 to 2020. During that time Jaeson spearheaded the club’s analytics efforts, weaving data-driven capability and decision-making into the fabric of Arsenal’s operations. He oversaw a multi-geographic team and was instrumental across the club’s operations, with a focus on recruitment, contract negotiations and player development. Prior to Arsenal, and as the co-founder/CEO of StatDNA, he pioneered advanced analytics in football, leading to the firm's eventual acquisition by Arsenal in 2012. Following Arsenal, Jaeson was asked to join FIFA to help establish their analytics capability and department, where he was pivotal in driving, amongst other things, the debut of live in-match analytics at the 2022 World Cup.

Before football, Jaeson had a very successful and diverse career at leading management constancy firm McKinsey and Company from 1995 to 2009, advising on corporate strategy across a spectrum of industries while being a key contributor to McKinsey's internal think-tank, the McKinsey Global Institute. His entrepreneurial mindset led him to create and later sell the e-commerce venture, with successful manufacturing operations spanning Mexico and China.

Jaeson's interest in and dedication to social enterprise is evidenced through his co-founding of Digital Divide Data (DDD) in 2001. This transformative social enterprise creates opportunities and jobs in technology roles across Africa and Asia, currently employing over 1,000 individuals. He remains actively involved as a board member and chair of the social impact committee. Jaeson currently undertakes an advisory role with the Livelihood Impact Fund (LIF), leading the Urban Living Standards initiative, aiming to elevate living standards through affordable housing, internet access, waste management, and improved street lighting in underserved urban areas, with a focus on East Africa.