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Our People

Douglas Peel

Vice-Chairman & Managing Partner & Executive V.P., Strategic Development

Douglas Peel

Doug Peel is a Kilmer founding partner and has 28 years of experience in private equity and senior executive management.

Prior to Kilmer, Doug provided CEO outsourcing services under his own consulting firm, Twin Dolphin Technologies, acting in senior management roles such as President of Newstar Technologies Inc. (now part of Emergis Inc.). Bryker Data Systems Ltd., and Cygnet Storage Solutions, Inc. as well as several Kilmer related entities. Doug is experienced in change management, mentoring management teams, business turnarounds, managing high growth and merger integrations, as well as experience in guiding companies back from Chapter 11 and insolvency.

Douglas Peel comes from a military background, having been commissioned an Officer in Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces. He was awarded the Canada Decoration on July 21, 1978.