Industry Leadership

The Fund is committed to assuming a leadership role within the Canadian brownfield community and enjoys a solid reputation within the industry.


One of the persistent barriers to brownfield redevelopment in Canada in the past has been the difficulty in accessing capital, since traditional lenders do not normally provide loans on environmentally-impacted properties. The Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund is Canada's first private equity fund to focus exclusively on the redevelopment of brownfields. The pairing of private equity and brownfield redevelopment has proven very effective in the United States. By attracting institutional investors to this sector, the Fund has been recognized as an innovator in the area of brownfield financing in Canada.


The Fund is committed to assuming a leadership role in industry advocacy and to promoting best practices. The Fund is actively engaged in brownfield and related industry associations and government committees, including the Canadian Brownfields Network, where it is a member of the advisory panel. Members of the Fund's management team are regular presenters at important brownfield conferences, municipal workshops and educational institutions. The Fund has also sponsored important industry-related research initiatives.


In 2006, the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) awarded the Fund and its initiators a Special Brownie Award in recognition of their contribution to the advancement of the brownfield industry. The CUI Brownie Awards recognize leadership, innovation and environmental sustainability in brownfield redevelopment across Canada. In 2007, several institutional investors in the Fund were awarded a Brownie Award for their pioneering institutional investment—through their participation in the Fund—in the area of brownfield redevelopment.