Mid- to High-Density Residential Redevelopment Project
Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent (Montreal), QC


The Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund acquired this 13-acre former aerospace manufacturing facility located at the gateway to the Borough of Saint-Laurent in Montreal. The surrounding area has been transitioning from heavy industrial uses to mid-density residential uses over the last decade. The site is within one kilometre of the Metro subway system, just west of downtown Montreal, and has become a popular area for new Montreal residents, as well as couples and young families.

Kilmer purchased the property to reposition it for mid-density residential uses, ranging from 4 to 8 storeys in height. Once built, this property will contain approximately 800 new residential units, will maximize existing infrastructure and services in the area and create a community that will complement and enhance the existing established neighbourhood.

Activities began with the demolition of the 215,000 sq ft industrial building and extensive discussions with the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) of the Province of Quebec to obtain approval for the remediation strategy.

Residential redevelopment of former industrial lands adjacent to the property (similar to the redevelopment vision for the site)


Kilmer was able to successfully address the residual liability concerns of the vendor and maximize value to the vendor in the transaction. The soil and groundwater were impacted by a range of organic and inorganic parameters common to industrial facilities, including petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents and metals.

Although the site was well characterized prior to Kilmer's acquisition, an additional environmental site assessment was conducted to further characterize soil and groundwater impacts. A site-specific Risk Assessment (RA) was developed by Kilmer's local environmental consultant and was accepted by the MDDEP, which reflected Kilmer's remedial objective of managing historical-impacted fill material on-site (common to the area) to support a more sustainable remedial solution.

To achieve residential MDDEP standards, the remedial approach included on-site soil treatment (bio-remediation) and the reuse of soils impacted by organics, and transportation of the heavily impacted soils to an off-site soil treatment facility. In addition, soil amendments were added during backfilling to assist the attenuation of any remaining groundwater impacts.

The implementation of this remedial approach focused on source treatment and mitigation, enabling the majority of soil to be incorporated into the redevelopment. The requirement to construct a parking structure beneath the footprint of any residential building will provide an appropriate barrier between the subsurface and any occupied building space. Kilmer also placed a specialized environmental insurance policy to provide supplemental assurance and support for site redevelopment.

Above: On-site treatment of soils (bio-remediation).

Above: Aerial photo of the property during remedial site activities.

Above: The re-graded property following completion of all site activities.



Consultation with the MDDEP, the Borough of Saint Laurent, neighbours and other stakeholders was a key component in obtaining approval for the remedial strategy and its implementation. Continued dialogue with the adjacent private school and residential neighbours played an important role in ensuring the successful implementation of the remedial program.

The Borough of St. Laurent supports sustainability and more sustainable forms of development, for example, by requiring fewer parking spaces in a residential development based on a site's proximity to a Metro subway station and by limiting the amount of permitted at-grade parking. This policy initiative at the municipal level complements Kilmer's efforts to implement more sustainable remedial practices at the site and in the ultimate built form, which incorporates parking into the building as a supporting risk management measure.

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