Company History



  • Kilmer Van Nostrand (KVN) acquired by Tanenbaum family


  • Diversified construction company and ready-mixed concrete producer serving the Toronto area


  • Growth as heavy civil contractor specializing in subways, light rail, tunnels, bridges and roadways
  • Acquisition of Warren Paving and Materials Group Ltd. (Warren), a national road building and aggregates company
  • Began to diversify into non-construction activities including investments such as CUC Broadcasting Ltd., a cable television distributor


  • Sale of heavy civil construction and ready-mix concrete businesses
  • Growth of Warren through acquisitions and vertical integration in aggregates and asphalt cement
  • KVN continues its non-construction investment diversification strategy


  • Continued growth in Warren to become Canada’s largest national road paving and materials company
  • Investment in Toronto Maple Leafs and evolution into Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE)
  • Investment in NHL Network, World Fishing Network, GOL TV, and Professional Sports Publications, Inc.
  • Significant investment in electronics manufacturing sector


  • Warren acquired by Lafarge North America
  • Private equity growth backed by institutions with the establishment of $114M Kilmer Capital Fund I, $202M Kilmer Capital Fund II and $92M Kilmer Brownfield Fund I
  • Growth of infrastructure development business
  • Increased ownership in MLSE


  • Internalization of Private Equity and Brownfield/Real Estate businesses with principal investing from KVN’s balance sheet
  • Focussed growth in three areas: Private Equity, Infrastructure & Real Estate, and Sports & Media
  • Infrastructure concessions developed including On Route service stations, Nieuport L.P. and port related activities
  • Infrastructure projects including the Pan Am Village and the redevelopment of the Keele site of the Humber River Hospital
  • Private equity investments in English Bay Batter and Argonauts Holdings Limited Partnership